GURPS Last Gasp Assistant

GURPS "The Last Gasp" Assistant is designed for "The Last Gasp" rules found in Pyramid 3/44. These rules add excellent depth to combat, but the extra tracking required can be a bit much for some. This small app is designed to make tracking the effects of FP loss and Action points a quick and easy task.

Android and Google Chrome users can add this app to be used in offline modes, simply use "Add to Home Screen" or "Add to Desktop", accessible from the "3 dots" menu in chrome.

Additional FP and AP, and Move are modifiers, do not enter your base AP, FP, and Move! Only modify those if you have differing attributes from the norm derived from your primary attributes.The dodge penalty from encumberance is NOT incorporated into the displayed dodge in order to prevent ambiguity.

The FP bar on the side tracks your current FP. As expected, it decreases when you spend it and show you the stages of fatigue. But when you increase it will show a hatched line pattern, this allows you to see what stage of fatigue you are working through. Once your fatigue returns to maximum, the solid bar will fill again. Remember, dotted underlines mean that there is a tooltip for that element.

Enter your character's stats

Basic speed is not shown here, but unless you have a move modifier your basic speed will be the same as your move, except perhaps for a fraction. If you have Fit or Very Fit, recovery times are halved. Unfit and Very Unfit double recovery times. The bonuses from these dis/advantages are taken into account automatically.

Additional AP
Additional FP
Move Modifier
Dodge Modifier
Very Fit
Very Unfit

If the base level of a stat changes due to magic or some other force, you will need to reinitialise. The exception to this is Weight Carried, that can (and should) be modified on the fly as characters move loads.

Character List:

Use for dice.
High Resoluton stat loss.Normally stat loss increases by -1 per 20% FP lost, for -10 at -1×FP. Enabling this option turns it to 10% per 20% FP lost, so that high stat characters will still reach 0 DX, IQ, etc at -1×FP
Cap penalties at -5 or -50%.With this option stat loss will not exceed -5, or -50% of the base stat when using High Resolution stat loss.



Stats and Impairment

| // lbs Carried


AP Quick Reference

Mouse over the headings below to see a list of actions for a cost.

One AP Actions
  • Active Defense
  • Melee Attack
  • Draw a Bow/Crossbow
  • Defensive Attack
  • Fast Draw/Quick Ready
  • Feint
  • Change Facing (1 per 60°)
  • Change Posture

Two AP Actions
  • Melee All-out Attack
  • Committed Attack

Movement CalculatorIf you haven't taken your free step yet, don't include that on the distance slider.
Variant Move: Acceleration

Taking injury also reduces AP, but this can be mitigated with a HT Roll.
AP Loss Cap
AP Loss DivisorThis allows setting the injury required per 1 AP lost, as the GM may desire larger monsters and PCs to require heavier blows to properly exhaust them in combat. NOTE: This value is NOT saved per-character.

AP Recovery Events

The next turn after taking one of these manuvers Roll HT (Penalised by Impairment). On a success, recover 1 AP plus 1 per 4 margin of success. No bonus to HT unless otherwise noted.

  • Do Nothing, +4 to HT roll
  • Evaluate, gives +1 to attack
  • Wait, only recovers if not triggered
AP Recovery

This regains you 50% of your max HT as AP. If you have the 2nd Wind Advantage, you gain 10% more per level, so use the manual update to reflect this.

Recovery Events

Last Gasp Assistant made by Legendsmith as part of the Technicolor Dream GURPS project. The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

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